I want to tell you what a fine product that you have. I have left the float out through Irene and Sandy and a couple of winter storms. The gangway broke off the dock not from your design, the dock pulled off from a flaw in the construction. As time has moved on I find your hinge is “strong like bull”. I was hesitant about the design but it is excellent. When the gangway fell in the water, we lifted it and repaired the dock. The gangway is strapped to the float until spring. It is a great job. I would tell this to anyone. Thank You.

David, Clark’s Cove, New Bedford, MA.
Owner of a 20 ft Wave and 8’ x 20’ Float with ThruFlow Decking


Ric, just wanted to drop your note to say how pleased we are with the new dock and ramp system that you built for us. All is working great! The installation was quite easy. We launched the dock and put the ramp on it . Then we moved it 50 yards or so to its final location. Soup to nuts it took us all of 30 minutes from launch to finished hook up! You said it would be easy and it was. The kayak launch system works perfectly. You swing the kayak into it and then step right into the kayak. It is a totally stable maneuver and makes launching a kayak from a dock a real breeze! Good hand holds and the kayak sits nice and still. Once in, you slip out and paddle away. Really makes it easy to use your kayak.  Ric, once again thanks. We look forward using the ramp, dock, and kayak launcher for years to come.


Thank you so much for your excellent product, and your expertise in getting the bridge into place, your willingness to put your back into it! See attached photos for the early winter look. It will look even better when we get it leveled up. I'll keep you in the loop for future more scenic photos, including our walk on Jan 21, when maybe we'll have one of those tests to see how many people the bridge will hold!

Thanks again,
Jim Woodworth and The Great Meadows Conservation Trust



Intrepid Museum gangways

"I was happy to hear that Ric Newman has been nominated for the Maine Small Business Person of the Year Award. Ric is a true professional who's honest and hardworking. He delivers on his promises and gets the job done on time and on budget. The Intrepid Museum had an incredibly tight time frame in which Ric had to design and build 8 gangways for the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier and the Museum's Growler Submarine. Superior delivered on time and the Intrepid and Growler were able to open on schedule and too much fanfare. Since reopening the Museum in November 2008, 915,000 visitors have walked those gangways and they still look as good as the day they were installed. I look forward to working with Superior in the future and will gladly recommend your company to everyone I know."


Matt Woods
Senior Vice President, Facilities, Engineering, and Security
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The new Gangway is perfect. The construction is very high quality. The installation was easy thanks to your excellent connecting system. The non skid ramp and low step design are great for safety.

Delivery and price were exactly as quoted. (about half of some other companies).

This is an outstanding value - a great deal!

June 10, 2010

Aluminum pier and aluminum gangway

...I am very impressed with the structure of the gangway. Having been in the trucking business I like items around me to be strong. I was very impressed by the efficiency of design and obvious strength of the unit.

The float also did not skimp on structural strength and I have a strong belief it will handle the wave action coming in for many a year. The flotation for the float is top of the line.

I am very pleased with the purchase. The logistics of transportation worked, you did as you said, from my standpoint all went well.

If you want to send someone to see both units, just call me and will gladly show them from the bottom up.

November 9, 2010

Lee of Mattpoisett, MA says, "The ramp was installed about 2 weeks ago ... we are very satisfied with it."
May 30, 2010